UV Phone Sanitizer!
You wash your hands but never wash your phones!

You wash your hands but never wash your phones!

The place with the most bacteria is not our hands, but mobile phones, keys, masks, etc. This sterilizer box adopts harmless ultraviolet light disinfection and effectively kill bacteria on the cellphone and valuables in just 5 minutes.

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Where are the Bacteria Hidden in Real Life?

Where are the Bacteria Hidden in Real Life?

Your phone is 18x dirtier than a public toilet (yuck!). We can wash away the bacteria in our hands, but we can’t wash away the bacteria in our daily necessities. After testing, their bacterial content maybe 7-10 times that of the toilet.

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Fast Wireless Charging!

Fast Wireless Charging!

Our UV phone sanitizer doubles as a fast wireless charging pad that works with all Qi enabled devices. 10W max for Samsung devices. 7.5W max for iPhones. Fast charging requires QC 2.0/3.0 adapter (not included).

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UV Phone Sanitizer and Charger

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You wash your hands but never wash your phones. Our UV Phone Sanitizer box adopts harmless ultraviolet light disinfection, effectively kill bacteria on your mobile phones, masks, wallets, AirPods, and more in 5 minutes.

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  1. Customer

    High quality, large space and fair price. My co-worker bought a similar phone sanitizer at $150. I use it Sanitize my phone and car keg every day after work. It makes me feel safe and avoid to get virus.

  2. Customer

    Bigger than I thought. It fit my iPhone 11 Pro Max with room to spare. It does not “look” like it’s cleaning, but once the process is over you can clearly smell the ionizing effect. The smell is actually quite visible. Didn’t seem to damage the phone or anything. Seem like a good gadget to have during the corona virus pandemic. They do say cellphones are 3x dirtier than a toilet seat… So I guess this will take care of all the germs.

  3. Customer

    The price is reasonable and the product works as advertised. It looks good and it’s bigger than I thought, but it turned out to be perfect because it’ll disinfect everything! 360 coverage big enough to fit on an iPhone 11 Pro Max with wallet case! I ‘ve disinfected my phone, watch, keys, lenses. Everything! Everything! With current events, this is an essential article for anyone! It only takes 5 minutes. It even has a diffuser of essential oils. I like this function well and dropped my favorite citronella oil.

  4. Customer

    Product arrived quickly no assembly,and very impressed with how it can sanitize most any item in such a short time. Great to use when wipes and cleaning products are not in reach or available at all

  5. Customer

    This product is what I have been looking for in this pandemic. It works perfect, it does not only fit my cell phone but my keys as well. I am a healthcare worker and this came in handy as i am able to also sanitize my masks and help with conservation of the masks as we run short on supplies. The total sterization time took between 4-5minutes which is not bad at all to get the result of a germ free cell phone, keys and other germ harboring items.

  6. Customer

    I use it for my baby’s toothbrushes and it works great. From the smell, I can tell you really disinfect things. I haven’t used it on keys or phone yet, but I’ll do it next. I also use pens and many others at work, so I plan to use them as well.

  7. Customer

    his was a big buy with everything that happened recently! Every time I go out, I make sure I disinfect my phone when I come back and let me not worry about the alcohol wipes or disinfectant damage the screen. I ‘ve also used it to disinfect other things in the house, including electric toothbrushes and keys. I haven’t tried adding aromatherapy, but I’ll definitely try to do it with my mask!

  8. Customer

    Because of the pandemic, we were looking for a UV disinfectant for our iPhones/keys/masks/AirPods. Etc., and this meets the requirements. Once you connect it, there are 2 configurations: 18 minutes (green light) or 30 minutes (blue light). It’s big enough for my iPhone 11 Prox Max and it’s very easy to use. A great advantage is as long as a phone is disinfected inside the box. If you do not have the scent of UV/ozone rays, you can also drop some essential oil on the inside dedicated chamber. I highly recommend this product!

  9. Customer

    So far so good. It works great.

  10. Customer

    I ‘ve been throwing my fabric masks in here in wash, and it gives me a little more security around my pandemic hygiene. Obviously, I can’t say from a microbiological level if it’s working, but it’s easy to use and fits very well to a phone, a mask, car keys, etc., since it’s a little high.

  11. Customer

    This sanitizer has provided a peace of mind as my state reopens from COVID 19. My phone (iPhone XR), keys, ring, credit cards and my Apple Watch get sanitized at least once a day and every time I get home. Now I can save my Lysol for door knobs and light switches!

  12. Customer

    Considering the situation that we are in nowadays, this was a good and usable purchase that will help me keep my phone, watch and other accessories clean from germs. The process is simple, you put you belongings inside the phone sanitizer box and click the button to turn it on, once it’s turned on you leave it there for 18 minutes, and after its done it will beep and you get back a fresh and clean phone. Overall it was a good purchase, and it is recommended for everyone who uses the phone a lot.

  13. Customer

    I was excited to find this because they have been hard to find due to coronavirus. The important thing is that this unit uses real UV lamps and not fake LED that just output purple light like some other units I’ve seen use. You can also fit a fabric face mask in it for sanitization-that’s just the world we live in right now. There is a magnetic safety switch that shut off the UVC lamps when you open the door to prevent exposure that could be harmful to your eyes. (I just cracked it open to get the pic of the UVC lamps).

  14. Customer

    This is the perfect! I excited to have things this with all things caused up worldwide that is good touch

  15. Customer

    I am very happy with the article is as you describe it and has also come a lot faster than what is expected is very happy and satisfied with the store, I will definitely buy again.

  16. Customer

    This is an effective way to make sure your phones are clean. It’s become a night routine for my family to disinfect our phones at night. Easy to use and best of all, excellent results. We almost always forgot to clean our phones, but not anymore.

  17. Customers

    Great product since we need to disinfect everything now. I put my phone, keys, little trinkets, etc. You can clean and disinfect everything in 30 minutes or less.

  18. Customer

    I love using this device, especially during this time in our world when germs are a big concern. It’s super easy to use, just put whatever you want sanitized in the chamber and push a button! The aroma-therapy option is a great feature. I can add a drop or two of an essential oil to the chamber and it will not only sanitize the item, but also leave it smelling fresh.

  19. Customer

    What do you get someone who has everything? THIS!!! The UV sterilizer kills 99.9 percent of germs! We handle our phones constantly so this is the perfect way to ensure no germs or viruses are left on your phone as well as any other items such as; jewelry, keys,pens or whatever fits, less then 6.9 inches.It is very well made and I highly recommend!!!

  20. Customer

    Now I have the peace of mind as know as I can disinfection interstitial daily use (phone, key, etc) especially things Covid-19 all I use alcohol to cleaning บ่อยๆ and use sterilization box to more protective phone due to sometimes Ball’s I try this will clutch design phone accessories good and simple use I have note htc10 + so so fit I need remove pre-it awesome case cover for’s I Just whence! It compact and I can storage hold in bag Silver’s I and active anywhere!

  21. Customer

    Quick delivery than I and good for sterilization accessory accessories’s I

  22. Customer

    Love it! I use it to make mask family of we clean and can Led Back use new that is enough then for heighten peace of mind in current situation also use it to make glasses ตาขอ D i, phone, key, bag silver and many artifact, the somewhat cool products at good and work well till now

  23. Customer

    Being in the medical field, this product was a necessity so I can reuse my PPE’s. I was luckier to deal with the store/company that went above and beyond to make sure I will receive the product ASAP. I rarely give reviews, but if I can only give you 10 stars, I will! I hope more sellers/companies will be like you! Amazing product! 🙂

  24. Customer

    Ok-this makes me blown things to! It design come well really very S Chapultepec UV-C; accurate as well with s Chapultepec output power take a moment to will arrival, but it, it worth with to wait I hope that I will order more than one

  25. Customer

    Working on the health system, my phone is touching a lot and I’m constantly trying to clean it up. The disinfection box is convenient as I can leave it on my desk, so every time I’m in my office I can put it there. The original disinfectant phone case you owned has to plug in the Lightning charger. It’s important that you charge my phone while in Health mode. Since the process takes some time, good to know my phone is charging and cleaning. The box is simple to use. There’s only one button to operate. The USB cable does not come with a charging block, but I have a USB charging strip where I plug it in and keep it on my desk. White color also combines with anything. I have an iPhone 11 and it looks good on me. I also occasionally throw away my work keys to clean them thoroughly.

  26. Customer

    This product was very easy to use. I used it on my phone and every phone in my family. I even put some perfume in the little aromatherapy slot that made the smell so good. It works really well and makes your products feel much cleaner after use. It takes 18 minutes or 30 minutes for deeper cleaning, but it’s worth waiting to clean up the products that need cleaning. As phones are one of the things that transport more bacteria. It is also quite spacious to fit multiple articles or more.

  27. Customer

    I haven’t had much time and I just have to assume that the sterilization features work. It’s a good tidy container and I ‘ve used it for my phone and face masks that have a feature of metal nose, so it creates trouble washing on the machine. I feel more comfortable with fabric masks than I use with this method to sterilize them.

  28. Customer

    Sterilizer super capacitor! Works without problemowo! Shipping realized quickly! Thank You store!!

  29. Customer

    As a medical worker, I know the place with more bacteria is not the palm and body, but the personal items I usually use. Under the influence of COVID-19, low disinfection work becomes particularly important.

  30. Customer

    I hope the sterilization box has an effect on virus COVID-19 bacteria to reduce the pressure caused because of insufficient masks.

  31. Customer

    When the mask is scarce, I need it very much, because I can’t get any more masks for myself and my family. Thanks to the store for fast delivery, it is now very necessary to remove bacteria in the mask.

  32. Customer

    I got the package quickly. I am very satisfied with this product. I use it to disinfect mobile phones, masks and toothbrushes. It’s very useful for me thank you. I’ll buy it for my family again.

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